The Art of Winemaking

The winemaking process, coming from our ancestral know-how, includes currently modern means of production in order to preserve the high quality as well as the unavoidable uniqueness of Joseph Cattin’s fine wines. Our wineries in Voegtlinshoffen and in Steinbach respect the valuable expertise and the passion for wines which was transmitted for generations. The acquired expertise enables us to enhance the quality of our vintages.

Voegtlinshoffen, historical winery

The grapes are pressed within a pneumatic press in order to preserve all its aromas.
A fermentation wine cellar, which is temperature-regulated, was built below the presses to ensure a better conservation of aromas. Indeed, by flowing naturally into stainless steel tanks, the must preserves all of its characteristics. Wine is then aged into old wooden tanks (some of which are a hundred years old).



The Steinbach winery, built in 2007 in south Alsace, is dedicated to the production of sparkling wines; namely Crémants, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Steinbach shelters both a stainless steel tank winery, used to produce Crémant, and an ageing winery with french oak barrels for the Pinot Noir.
The modern winery combined with the ancestral know-how allow us to reach the optimal quality.